PCG: Specially Designed for
Priority Customers

Hedge Equities Ltd now brings a privilege service to its selected group of customers. This unique investment model called Priority Client Group (PCG) offers exclusive and in-depth research and analysis result to the client. These scientific data about the capital market are highly effective in accurately identifying the most favorable stocks.

This is achieved through a special team comprising financial advisors, stock market experts and customer service professionals. A minimum investment amount of Rs.10lakh is required to join the Hedge Priority Client Group (PCG).When you become a member, the stock market opportunities are maximized and the investment process is transformed into a profitable experience.

Priority client group

The rewarding features of PCG

The salient features of the PCG model are as follows:

The Right Decision at the right time

With PCG, every customer gets the advantage of an accurate analysis of the stock market to take the right decisions at the right time. An illustration of the fund allocation process is indicated below:


Always at your service

The Indian economy is riding on a wave of recovery and optimism. Now is the optimal time to take advantage of the bull market. Our Priority Client Group Service ensures that your money is safely invested in the most favorable shares in your best interest. The procedure to join the PCG is quite simple. Just fill in and submit the application along with following documents:

  • PAN Card
  • Identity Proof
  • Initial Pay in Cheque
  • Cancelled Cheque Leaf ( for bank details updation)
  • Two Photographs
Attention investors

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